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The Cody Block set comes with: 

1 x Cody (the little car) with magnetic top and bottom

16 x Building Blocks (4 x turn left, 4 x turn right, 2 x U turn, 1 x repeat, 2 x record, 2 x play, 1 x stop) 

1 x City Guide / storybook with exercises 

Meet cody block

How it works

Genderless design, for boys and girls 3+

No limit, your bedroom is your playground

Why it so relevant

What your children will learn


An algorithm is a set of rules that define a sequence of operations. When children lay out the Building Blocks for Cody to follow, they are actually giving the computer rules on how and where to move.


Sequencing is the specific order in which instructions are performed in an algorithm. It is important that the steps in an algorithm are performed in the correct order - otherwise the algorithm will not work. In the same way Cody follows the order of the Building Blocks: if one Block is misplaced or there’s a gap in the sequence, Cody will go in the wrong direction.


Mistakes in code are called ‘bugs.’ Debugging is a process that includes identifying the problem and then correcting it. Because the Building Blocks are tangible and arranged on a surface for the children to see, it is easier for them to spot the mistake in their code and debug the program.


A function is a part of code that can be called by another part of the program. With Cody, kids can create a function and record it with Cody. Cody will remember that function and perform it again in the code every time he encounters a “Play Function” Block.


Learning the thinking behind coding teaches children how to tackle large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems. This logical thinking skill is a powerful tool that can be used in every field and in real life too! 

What's included in Cody Block

Cody, the little car

The City Blocks

What teachers say

Here is an interview from Bruce Lamont, a primary school teacher and a Lead Teacher in Zurich with 32 years of experience: