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With QUBS' high-tech wooden STEAM toys, children learn and play without screens. Help them build a brighter future, one block at a time.

Ready for play, right out the box!

Our toys are made with timeless technology inside, so kids can unbox and go.
No screens, apps, Bluetooth or WiFi. It’s playtime, all the time!

QUBS is providing children the means to explore their imagination and develop future skills by engaging in educational, screen-free enjoyment.

The best thing about this Montessori-inspired wooden toy is that kids can dive in and learn how it works through play.

These curated STEAM toys have been proven to provide hours of educational, skill-building, and stimulating play for children.

The quality of the toy is fantastic. My students were able to understand and figure out how to use Cody within just a few minutes.

Rod Berger, Forbes
Simon Hill, Wired Magazine
Anna Yudina, The Toy Association
Chelsea, Kindergarten Teacher
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It moves like magic

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