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Cody Block

Meet Cody, the wooden car with clever tech inside. All the fun, no screens!

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What if tech brought the wooden toys alive?

Cody Block turns the play area into a vibrant cityscape, full of imaginary adventures. Children can design endless paths for Cody, creating stories of daring escapes, city builders, or leisurely tours as they explore their creative cities.

With its tactile wooden blocks, Cody offers a break from screens, letting kids physically build the paths. It's all about the joy of setting up, knocking down, and rearranging their colourful city.

Suitable for ages 3-12.

  • Rechargeable

    Ready to play right out the box.

  • Intuitive

    No writing or reading skills required

  • Engaging

    Kids learn through hands-on play

Endless Adventures

  • World of Imagination: Dive into a universe where Cody brings every imaginative adventure to life, from bustling cityscapes to thrilling trips.
  • Dynamic Play: Every setup is a new story, keeping playtime fresh and exciting with endless possibilities.
  • Builder's Dream: Cody transforms children into architects and city planners of their own playful worlds, with each block laying the foundation for imaginative scenarios.

Magic of Movement

  • Hands-On Creativity: With Cody, it’s all about the joy of creating, moving, and seeing immediate effects in the real world, fostering a sense of achievement and wonder.
  • Play Together: Cody's adventures are even more fun with friends or family, encouraging social play and shared stories that bring laughter and joy.

Eco-Conscious Playtime

  • Built to Last: Cody is crafted from durable, eco-friendly materials, making it a toy that lasts through years of adventures.
  • Screen-Free Joy: Offers a delightful break from digital devices, promoting active, imaginative play that parents and kids will love.
  • The quality of the toy is fantastic. My students were able to understand and figure out how to use Cody within just a few minutes.

    Chelsea, Kindergarten Teacher
  • i have received mine today @ Malaysia. Just unboxed it, and first impression - QUALITY! 

    Denis, Mom
  • It’s quite amazing to see a little wooden car moving around the house.

    Johnny, dad

Unlock a universe of fun with Cody Block, blending the magic of hands-on play with the joy of creating and exploring.

Place Cody and his house to begin. Each block paves the way for endless exploration.

If Cody veers off course, simply rearrange the blocks. It’s like editing your adventure in real-time.

Use our City Guide for inspiration or invent your own tales. Your creativity leads the way.

With infinite ways to arrange the blocks, every play is a new discovery. Let imagination reign!

How it works


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What's included in the box?

You’ll get:

1 x Cody car
Two sections connected with magnets.

16 x Building Blocks
(4 x turn left, 4 x turn right, 2 x U turn, 1 x repeat, 2 x record, 2 x play, 1 x stop)

1 x Cody’s City Guide
with instructions, story, and follow-along exercises.

1 x USB-C cable to recharge Cody.

What age is Cody Block suitable for?

We’d recommend Cody Block for children from ages 3-12. But of course every family is different, and every child (and even some grown-ups!) will play with Cody in their own special way.

Does it need extra batteries?

Cody is rechargeable, so you’ll never have to buy new batteries. Plus, it means we all create less waste. Just be sure to detach Cody’s top and bottom once you’re finished playing. It helps the battery last much, much longer!

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a warranty period of up to 2 years from purchase in the EU, UK and Switzerland, and 1 year from purchase in the Rest of the World. This covers any manufacturing defects, but unfortunately, we can’t refund you for anything lost or broken.

Why is RFID technology better than WiFi or Bluetooth?

Like all of our toys, we built Cody Block for children, their children, and their grandchildren.

New internet and app-based technologies are constantly emerging, and if a toy relies on obsolete tech, it gets thrown away when something new comes along.
We love Cody Block because he can be played with for generations to come. And, he’ll work the same way he did the day he arrived. No need to worry about things like compatibility or signal strength either.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Solid and fun

We've had it for a couple of months now, and it works great. A lot of fun, and is able to be played with without breaking.

Toy Quality:
Very bad
Very good
Recommendation: Yes

i have received mine today @ Malaysia. Just unboxed it, and first impression - QUALITY! The build are great, and the blocks are with weight feel solid.

Thanks creators!

I received mine! My 4 yo loves it!

Toy Quality:
Very bad
Very good
Just received!

My daughter is loving it!

Great product!

OMG, this product is amazing I know it was a long wait but you guys actually delivered a great product