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Innovative Technology at Qubs: Where Play Meets Progress

Here at Qubs we work to create toys that combine the timeless joy of play with advanced technology. 

At the heart of this is RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, a technology we use to reshape how children interact with toys, and just as importantly, how they learn with them.

We'll dive into what RFID tech is, its fascinating role in our toys, and the lasting impact it has on early learning.

RFID Explained: Making Tech Child's Play

Cody Block and RFID: A Tale of Interactive Play


This is just like Cody, where each wooden City Block has a passive RFID tag inside. These tags aren't just bits of technology; they're like little instruction manuals, each holding a specific command.

Then Cody drives along with the antenna it has in the front, constantly sending out radio waves. As Cody explores the path laid out by these blocks, it reads the commands - maybe a 'turn left' here or a 'stop' there. What unfolds is an extraordinary dance between Cody and the blocks, a real-time interaction that's not just fun but intuitively educational. It's a tangible way for kids to see the outcome of their planning and problem-solving skills in real-time. 

The magic of using RFID is that it allows us to hide all the electronics, so kids only interact with a wooden toy and the blocks.There are no buttons, LEDs, wires or motors that are visible. It is all hands on play, with the feel of a traditional wooden toy, except this one is upgraded with high technology.

Beyond Fun: RFID's Educational Impact

What is coding for kids?

Children learn about sequences, what it means to follow commands, and how to deconstruct problems with logical thinking. This isn't passive learning; it's active, engaging, and incredibly effective.

But there's another layer. As kids arrange these blocks, they're not just playing; they're coding. They're making decisions, predicting outcomes, and watching their plans come to life through Cody's movements. It's a powerful, playful introduction to the world of STEM, made possible by the seamless integration of RFID technology.

Safety and Innovation of RFID in Toys

The Innovation Journey of RFID in Toys

The incorporation of RFID technology in toys like Cody Block represents a groundbreaking step in educational play. Let's take a look at how this journey unfolded, from a visionary idea to a playful reality.

From Concept to Reality: Adapting RFID for Play

Our journey began with a bold idea: to adapt RFID, a technology widely used in sectors like retail and security, for the realm of children's toys. The challenge was to transform this technology into something that could live in the playful and imaginative world of children. It required innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of both technology and play.

Challenges and Breakthroughs in RFID Integration

Integrating RFID technology into wooden toys was not without its challenges.

The primary hurdle was to ensure that the RFID tags could read a long enough distance while using the radio frequency that is safe. To solve this we custom designed both the RFID tags and Cody’s antenna.

Our team of engineers and designers worked tirelessly, experimenting with various configurations and materials, leading to the development of our patents around Cody, which involves the RFID system and enabling Cody to listen and remember commands from the blocks. This system ensures precise and consistent interaction between the blocks and Cody, making the play experience smooth and magical.

The Road Ahead: RFID's Role in Qubs' Vision

Collaborative Learning: Engaging with RFID

Our mission with RFID technology is not just about creating advanced toys; it's about building a community of learning. We see RFID as a bridge, connecting us with parents, educators, and, most importantly, the young minds who play and learn with our toys. By sharing our knowledge and insights about RFID, we aim to empower adults to better understand and utilize our toys as educational tools.

This is an open invitation to join us on this fascinating journey. Whether you're a parent keen to introduce your child to the wonders of technology or an educator looking for innovative teaching tools, your engagement is vital. Together, we can unlock the full educational potential of RFID in play and create enriching learning experiences for children.

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