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Educational Toys: Key to Creative & Smart Kids

Educational Toys: Key to Creative & Smart Kids

Environmental conditions and access to educational toys can help children better understand the world around them, teach problem-solving skills and boost creativity. Even brain development is improved when children have access to the right toys.

Stimulating a child’s mind will not only improve their lives today, but it will also last well into young adulthood, allowing a child to prosper in school and the workplace.




Toys are evolving to meet the needs of today’s technologically advanced society. Kids of all ages are picking up tablets and smartphones to play games and learn, and this is really what educational toys are all about – learning.

By definition, these toys are “objects of play designed to stimulate learning.”

These toys can be memory games or name puzzles, or they can be a Cody Block, which promotes tangible play and teaches the basics of computer programming. When young minds are stimulated, they’re able to develop key problem-solving skills, nurture their imagination and also enhance creativity.



Problem-solving Skills

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are important for kids and adults alike. Basic educational toys are important for helping promote:

  • Creative intelligence
  • Social development
  • Intellectual development

Spatial intelligence and awareness are also promoted with Legos, alphabet blocks and shape matching toys. For children, especially when they’re younger, physical, simple toys seem to work best for brain development.

Toys without flashing lights or distracting sounds allow the child to focus on the toy and learning.


Toys can also help a child be more creative. When a child learns problem-solving skills and critical thinking, they can use these new skills to enhance their creativity. Kids are curious by nature, and even basic shape toys can help a child better understand objects around them.

Educational toys can help kids explore and experiment.


Physical Dexterity

Dexterity and fine motor skills can be improved with certain toys, such as blocks. The muscle development can lead to fine motor development, or the ability to have better control over hand function, including finger movement.

These fine motor skills are important for learning to write and even buttoning clothes.



One study on 64 participants analysed early childhood development and the impact it has on the brain. The study examined the brain at four years old and again years later. Home assessments were performed and found that kids that were exposed to early mental stimulation in life had both temporal lobe and front lobe impacts.

Cognitive stimulation was able to improve these regions in the brain, as participants entered young adulthood with greater cognitive function and brain development.

As parents, the choices that you make for your child’s development at an early age will lead to enhanced brain development, improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills and higher creativity levels.