Let’s make learning an adventure!

With our surprisingly high-tech, traditionally designed wooden toys, children can learn AND have fun through screen-free play.
Helping them to build a happy future, one block at a time.


Inspiring the next generation of creators and inventors

We believe kids should learn about the world by having fun. So we’ve created educational wooden toys that feel and look like traditional ones, but with ingenious technology hidden inside. No apps, no need to connect to another device, and definitely no screens.

Hands on
Gender neutral
Screen free
Responsibly sourced

Ready for play, right out the box!

Our toys are made with timeless technology inside, so kids can unbox and go.
No screens, apps, Bluetooth or WiFi. It’s playtime, all the time!

3-12 years
Cody block

Cody Block teaches kids the basics of computational thinking through fun-filled tactile play.

Safe for children
Patented technology

They move like magic

Inside each toy is a tiny bit of tech called RFID – this stands for Radio-frequency identification and is the same system that makes everyday devices like contactless payment work. After a tonne of R&D, we’ve patented our own version designed to let QUBS products do exciting things. And don’t worry, it’s 100% safe for kids (and grown-ups).

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3-9 years


Matty Block

Count seeds with Matty to grow fruits, flowers and trees! Matty Block helps children build confidence with numbers while learning about the beauty of nature.

We want to build a better world for our children. And their children. One block at a time. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable toymaking.

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Get ready for a
one-of-a-kind adventure...

Fancy a sneak peak at what we’re up to?

“It’s so intuitive, you forget there is technology inside it doing all the work.”
Louise, Mum
“The quality of the toy is fantastic. My students were able to understand and figure out how to use Cody within just a few minutes.”
Chelsea, Kindergarten Teacher
“It’s quite amazing to see a little wooden car moving around the house.”
Johnny, Dad
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