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Cody Block

Help Cody find his way home by coding through the cityscape one block at a time.

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Go on adventures with Cody, the clever wooden car, in a city built with smart houses (blocks). Help him find his way home by placing the blocks to change his direction and unlock a world of fun where learning feels like playtime.

Cody Block unleashes the problem-solver in every child through open ended play. Our Swiss-quality tech-powered wooden toys are designed to grow with your child and make memories that last a lifetime. 

Turn playtime into adventure and creativity with Cody. The launchpad for curious young minds. 

Suitable for ages 3-12.

  • Rechargeable

    Ready to play right out the box.

  • Worry Free

    2 years in EU & UK. 1 year in rest of the world.

  • Kickstarted

    Trusted by parents all over the world.

STEAM Education

  • Enhance problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity through interactive play.
  • Encourage spatial awareness, planning, and sequencing skills crucial for early childhood development.

Montessori-Inspired Play

  • Engage with tangible, hands-on activities that nurture independence, problem-solving, and analytical skills, embodying the Montessori spirit of learning by doing.

Screen-Free Learning

  • Dive into the basics of coding and computational thinking without a screen in sight.
  • Foster a healthy balance between digital learning and hands-on interaction.
  • The quality of the toy is fantastic. My students were able to understand and figure out how to use Cody within just a few minutes.

    Chelsea, Kindergarten Teacher
  • i have received mine today @ Malaysia. Just unboxed it, and first impression - QUALITY! 

    Denis, Mom
  • It’s quite amazing to see a little wooden car moving around the house.

    Johnny, dad

The super-smart educational toy that introduces children to the basics of coding — from algorithms and sequencing to debugging and beyond!

Place Cody and his house where you want to play, then plan the route. It can be as big as you want, and different building blocks will steer Cody where you want him to go.

If you make a mistake or send Cody the wrong way, you can go back and ‘debug’ your program, just as you would with a coding sequence.

Follow the steps laid out in our City Guide, create your own adventure, or experiment with ambitious coding functions and infinite loops – the choice is yours.

With so many ways to arrange your blocks and shape Cody’s adventure, the only limit is your imagination.

How it works

How kids learn with Cody Block

We think it’s important for kids to understand how the things around them work. Previous generations did this by playing with dolls houses and model aeroplanes, but these days the world runs on computers. So we designed Cody Block to introduce children to computational thinking while harking back to traditional hands-on activities.

Cody is inspired by the Montessori method, educating young ones by letting them explore their wants and needs. And that means play. Teaching kids the basics of coding has been shown to improve their logic and problem-solving skills, while nurturing creativity and resilience. Doing this at an early age enables them to pick things up more naturally.






What's included in the box?

You’ll get:

1 x Cody car
Two sections connected with magnets.

16 x Building Blocks
(4 x turn left, 4 x turn right, 2 x U turn, 1 x repeat, 2 x record, 2 x play, 1 x stop)

1 x Cody’s City Guide
with instructions, story, and follow-along exercises.

1 x USB-C cable to recharge Cody.

What age is Cody Block suitable for?

We’d recommend Cody Block for children from ages 3-12. But of course every family is different, and every child (and even some grown-ups!) will play with Cody in their own special way.

Does it need extra batteries?

Cody is rechargeable, so you’ll never have to buy new batteries. Plus, it means we all create less waste. Just be sure to detach Cody’s top and bottom once you’re finished playing. It helps the battery last much, much longer!

What is your warranty policy?

We offer a warranty period of up to 2 years from purchase in the EU, UK and Switzerland, and 1 year from purchase in the Rest of the World. This covers any manufacturing defects, but unfortunately, we can’t refund you for anything lost or broken.

Why is RFID technology better than WiFi or Bluetooth?

Like all of our toys, we built Cody Block for children, their children, and their grandchildren.

New internet and app-based technologies are constantly emerging, and if a toy relies on obsolete tech, it gets thrown away when something new comes along.
We love Cody Block because he can be played with for generations to come. And, he’ll work the same way he did the day he arrived. No need to worry about things like compatibility or signal strength either.