Cody block
Cody Block teaches kids computational thinking through tactile screen-free play. Help Cody find his way home by coding through the cityscape one block at a time! Suitable for ages 3-12.

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A super-smart educational toy that introduces children to the basics of coding — from algorithms and sequencing to debugging and beyond!


Ready to play right out the box! (Powered by rechargeable batteries)


2 years warranty in EU and UK. 1 year warranty in the rest of the World


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Take your first coding steps, one block at a time!

Place Cody and his house where you want to play, then plan the route. It can be as big as you want, and different building blocks will steer Cody where you want him to go.

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If you make a mistake or send Cody the wrong way, you can go back and ‘debug’ your program, just as you would with a coding sequence.

Follow the steps laid out in our City Guide, create your own adventure, or experiment with ambitious coding functions and infinite loops – the choice is yours.
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With so many ways to arrange your blocks and shape Cody’s adventure, the only limit is your imagination.

Cody block


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Say Hi to Cody Block!

How kids learn with Cody Block

We think it’s important for kids to understand how the things around them work. Previous generations did this by playing with dolls houses and model aeroplanes, but these days the world runs on computers. So we designed Cody Block to introduce children to computational thinking while harking back to traditional hands-on activities.

Cody is inspired by the Montessori method, educating young ones by letting them explore their wants and needs. And that means play. Teaching kids the basics of coding has been shown to improve their logic and problem-solving skills, while nurturing creativity and resilience. Doing this at an early age enables them to pick things up more naturally.

Made to last

Cody comes with a rechargeable battery, and is made using responsibly-sourced beech wood. It’s a nice sturdy material, perfect for making toys that kids want to keep forever, and that last for generations. Like all our products, Cody is built using minimal plastic and painted with natural, child-friendly oils and inks.

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Cody block


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